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Integra Type-R Information and Resources

ITR Specs and Cross-Market Comparisons

ITR All-Market Master Comparison
ITR Badge Number Comparison (Heart of the registry)
ITR Front End Comparison
ITR Back End Comparison
ITR Interior Comparison
ITR Wheel Comparison
ITR Body Color Comparison
ITR Special Edition Models
ITR Physical Size Comparison
JDM ITR Model Comparison
JDM DC5 ITR "Facelift" details
ITR Chassis Info
ITR OEM Dyno's and VTEC Comparison
B-Series and K-Series Transmission comparison

ITR and Non-ITR Integra Comparisons

1997 Acura Integra Type-r Technical Information Guide (vs. 1997 Acura Integra GSR)
Unofficial USDM ITR vs. Integra GSR Technical Comparison - ITRSport Website
Unofficial USDM 94-01 Integra Comparison - ITRSport Website
Unofficial USDM ITR/GSR Comparison - Superhonda's Website

Integra Type-R Production Information & Sales Data

AUDM Integra Type-R Production Information
JDM Integra Type-R Production Information
USDM Integra Type-R Production Information

Honda/Acura Integra Type-R Press Kits

AUDM DC2 Press Info
AUDM 2002 Press Info
EDM 1998 Press Kit
JDM 2001 Press Info (3.6mb)
UKDM 1998 Press Kit
USDM 1997 Press Kit
USDM 1998 Press Kit
USDM 2000 Press Kit
USDM 2001 Press Kit

Integra Type-R Sales Brochures

Australian Domestic Market
1999 AUDM DC2 (911kb)
2000 AUDM DC2 (1.82mb)
2003 AUDM DC5 (751kb)

European Domestic Market
1998 EDM DC2 - Belgian - in Dutch (763kb)
1998 EDM DC2 - Belgian - in French (1.10mb)
1997 EDM DC2 - German (932kb)
1998 EDM DC2 - German (4.96mb)
1999 EDM DC2 - German (4.94mb)
1997 EDM DC2 - Swiss (818kb)
1998 EDM DC2 - Swiss (5.56mb)
1999 EDM DC2 - Swiss (5.64mb)
1998 EDM DC2 - French (2.67mb)

Japanese Domestic Market
1996 JDM DC2 (2.44mb)
1997 JDM DC2 (4.1mb)
1998 JDM DC2 (3.79mb)
2000 JDM DC2 (1.96mb)
2000 JDM Type-Rx DC2 (487kb)
2001 JDM DC5 Prototype (347kb)
2001 JDM DC5 (3.43mb)
2002 JDM DC5 (7.15mb)
2003 JDM DC5 (3.38mb)
2004 JDM DC5 (5.97mb)
2005 JDM DC5 (4.20mb)
2006 JDM DC5 (11.4mb)
2006 JDM DC5 Specs (444kb)

United Kingdom Domestic Market
UKDM DC2 Pre-Release (2.06mb)
1997 UKDM DC2 (927kb)
1998 UKDM DC2 (3.92mb)
1999 UKDM DC2 (3.94mb)
2000 UKDM DC2 (6.4mb)

United States Domestic Market
1997 USDM DC2 (1.28mb)
1998 USDM DC2 (1.17mb)
2000 USDM DC2 (999kb)

New Zealand Domestic Market
2001 NZDM DC5 (1.74mb)

Sales Brochures & Literature Featuring Integra Type-R's

Taste of R - ITR & NSX (780kb)
2001 CDM Acura Full Line Including ITR (2.44mb)
2001 USDM Acura Integra Brochure (4.32mb)
2000 EDM Swiss Honda Line Including Integra Type-R's (6.18mb)
1998 UKDM Honda Range Including Integra Type-R's (2.41mb)
2000 UKDM Honda Range Including Integra and Accord Type-R's (4.54mb)
UKDM Honda Type-R Heritage - EP3 Civic Type-R, Accord Euro-R, and ITR (3.52mb)
2001 USDM Acura Full Lineup BRIEFLY mentioning ITR (2.91mb)
2001 Tokyo Motor Show Honda Catalog (8.23mb)
2006 HOA ITR Catalog (3.46mb)

Other Type-R Sales Brochures (Non-Integra)

Integra Type-R Accessories Catalogs, Price Lists, & etc.

Honda Integra Type-R Accessory Catalogs
1998 EDM (Germany) ITR Options Catalog (384kb)
1998 JDM Honda Integra Accessessories Catalog (8.16mb)
2003 JDM Honda Integra Accessessories Catalog (2.53mb)
2004 JDM Honda Integra Accessories Catalog (2.61mb)
2006 JDM Honda Integra Accessories Catalog (2.97mb)
UKDM DC2 Honda ITR Accessories Catalog (266kb)

Honda Integra Type-R Price Lists
2000 JDM Honda Integra (w/ Type-Rx) Price List (178kb)
2001 JDM Honda Integra Price List (976kb)
2002 JDM Honda Integra Price List (967kb)
2003 JDM Honda Integra Price List (383kb)
2003 JDM Honda Integra Price List (1.45mb)
2004 JDM Honda Integra Price List (911kb)
2005 JDM Honda Integra Price List (977kb)
2006 JDM Honda Integra Price List (624kb)
1998 UKDM Honda Integra Price List (1.05mb)

Mugen Catalogs and History

Mugen Company History
What's Mugen - Company History Catalog (4.43mb)
1984 American Honda & Mugen GT-4 Car (1.15mb)
American Honda & 80's Auto-X (4.29mb)

Mugen Integra Catalogs
1991 Mugen Integra Catalog (1.18mb)
1998 Mugen Integra Catalog (2.09mb)
1999 Mugen Integra Pricelist - King Motorsports (1.75mb)
2000 Mugen Integra Catalog (2.96mb)
Mugen DC5 Integra Catalog/Poster (878kb)
2004 Mugen Integra Catalog (2.70mb)
2004 Mugen ITR Catalog (1.87mb)
2006 Mugen Integra Catalog (2.36mb)

Mugen Master Catalogs (Annual Multi-Model)
1990 Mugen Products Catalog (2.88mb)
1992 Mugen New Products Catalog (1.29mb)
1992 Mugen Products Catalog (2.85mb)
1998 Mugen Power Catalog (2.94mb)
1999 Mugen Power Catalog (2.58mb)
2000 Mugen Power Catalog (6.18mb)
2001 Mugen Power Catalog (3.95mb)
2002 Mugen Power Catalog (5.20mb)
2003 Mugen Power Catalog (10.1mb)
2004 Mugen Spirits Catalog (10.2mb)
2005 Mugen Challenge Catalog (16.3mb)
2006 Mugen Passion Catalog (17..4mb)
2007 Mugen Exciting Catalog (13.9mb)
2008 Mugen Power Catalog (15.4mb)
2009 Mugen Power of Creative Catalog (1.89mb)

Other Assorted Mugen Catalogs

Spoon Sports Catalogs

Spoon Sports B-16A Parts List (928kb)
Spoon Sports S2000 Catalog (2.25mb)
2006 Spoon Sports Catalog (8.56mb)
2009 Spoon Sports Catalog (8.90mb)

Toda Racing - Catalogs and History

Toda Racing Integra History
Toda B-Series Background
Toda K-Series Background

Toda Racing Integra Parts
Toda B-Series Camshafts (1.87mb)
Toda B-Series Exhaust Systems (1.31mb)
Toda B-Series Flywheels and Clutches (2.02mb)
Toda B-Series Sports Injection Systems (1.46mb)
Toda B-Series Pistons (1.37mb)
Toda K-Series Camshafts (934kb)
Toda K-Series Exhaust Systems (1.81mb)
Toda K-Series Pistons (1.02mb)

J's Racing Catalogs and History

J's Racing Integra Type-R History
J's Racing - ITR History and Cars

J's Racing Integra Catalogs
2011 J's Racing Integra Catalog (1.08mb)

J's Racing Master Catalogs (Annual Multi-Model)
2011 J's Racing All Products Catalog (6.14mb)

Other Assorted J's Racing Catalogs

ITR Web Forums & Repair Resources

Integra Type R Club of America / ITR Expo
Honda-Tech Forum

Test Drives & Reviews (These are always fun to read)

2010 Civic SI vs. 1998 ITR Comparison
2001 Honda Press Release
Motortrend Review - " the Type-R most assuredly is aimed at the lunatic fringe"
ModernRacer Review - "Drive the Type R like you hate it"
The Auto Channel Review - "ITR is a sports car!"
ITRsport - Magazine Reviews
Misc. Magazine Articles and Reviews