J's Racing History with the ITR

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J's Racing Integra Type-R Historical Presence

J's Racing is very well known as an excellent Honda tuning shop, founded by Junichi Umemoto. J's Racing is named after the first initial of Junichi. Junichi had a passion for racing and started participating in the national series (Suzuka Freshman Trophy) in 1994. In 1996, he won the third place with his EG6 and the very next year (1997), he became the Suzuka Clubman Race series champion with his 1997 Integra Type R. Therefore, Integra Type R is a very memorable car in his life and J's Racing spent a lot of time for the research and development of Integra DC2 Type R. J's Racing participates in the national series year after year with the philosophy that actual racing is always extremely important as a ground for testing, developing, and getting feedback for their new products.

J's Racing did not participate in any national race series with the DC5. However, the parts development continued for the DC5 and many effective suspension parts were introduced including roll center adjuster, special tie rod, and lower arm pillow bushing.

J's Racing has built and tuned many DC2s for their customers, but there are 3 DC2's that stand out in the history of J's Racing in terms of the resources, time, and money spent. One is Junichi's race car for the Suzuka series. The second one is the shop car, the yellow one. The third one is a USDM Integra Type R, which was sent from New York to J's to be modified into a pure race car. The 3 cars and their specs are listed below.

J's racing Integra Type-r Clubman suzuka series race car

Specs of DC2 for 1997 Clubman Race Car

* ExhaustOriginal Racing Spec stainless
* ComputerN-1 Spec ECU
* PlugNGK
* ClutchExedy metal
* Brake padRAMS SP
* SpringSWIFT Straight - Front 20kg / Rear 18kg
* SuspensionCRUX Special
* Rollbar16 points original
* TireDunlop D98J
* RadiatorJ's original

J's racing DC2 Honda ITR Shop/Demo Car

The DC2 tuning was further refined for the J's Racing Shop Demo Car. This tuning is not restricted by N1 regulation for this car.

Specs of DC2 Shop/Demo Car

* WeightReduced to 840kg (1852 lbs.)
* EngineToda camshaft/valve spring, Porting, Higher compression 220hp
* IntakeJ's Racing Tsuchinoko
* ExhaustJ's Racing 4-1 header, J's Racing stainless exhaust
* ClutchExedy with light flywheel
* MissionClose ratio gear
* SuspensionCRUX special, Pillow ball joint, SWIFT spring
* Brake padRAMS
* ReinforcementJ's Racing front & rear tower bars,
Engine torque damper, Spot welding
* WheelsFront 16 x 8J / Rear 15 x 7J
* AeroC West front / rear bumper, C West Side Step,
J's Racing Carbon hood, J's Racing 3D GT wing
* InteriorBride racing seat
* RollbarJ's original
* RadiatorJ's Racing Special Radiator

USDM Acura Integra type-R J's racing Race car

Specs of USDM DC2 Race Car (Badge #98-1195)


  • Prepped by J's Racing
    • Civic Type R piston 0.25 over sized
    • Full flow modified connecting rod & crank
    • Compression ratio 12.0:1
    • Toda Type B camshaft, Toda valve spring & retainer
    • Full balance, ported for a better air flow, Toda cam gear
    • 200hp at the wheel
  • J's Racing carbon tsuchinoko chamber (intake) w/heat shield
  • ATS close ratio gear set (3rd+4th+5th)
  • ATS Limited Slip Differential (type D20)
  • ATS single carbon clutch Pro Spec (1,300kg)
  • J's Racing racing computer
  • Feels radiator
  • Toda oil pump
  • J's Racing fuel delivery system
  • J's Racing special racing exhaust (1mm stainless) Made for this car - full straight (same as the one used for J's Racing DC2 and EK9 race car)
  • Spoon 4-2 header
Brakes, Wheels & Tires
  • SS works brake kit
  • Seidoya racing pad
  • Volk CE28 (Front 16-8.0, Rear 15-7.0)
  • Yokohama A048 S tires
Suspension (Initial setting was done at Suzuka Race track)
  • Crux Racing shock J's racing special (30 stages)
  • Craft spring (F18K, R16K)
  • Camber adjustment kits
  • Vision circuit link (piro ball links)
  • Custom rollcage
  • J's Racing front strut tower bar
  • Bride carbon fiber racing seat
  • 5 point harness
  • OMP removable steering wheel
  • MAX racing digital display with full logging function
  • J's Racing FRP dash for DC2 -- custom made
  • J's Racing ultra light battery
Body work
  • J's Racing full body seam welding (full spot)
  • J's Racing front flare (overfender)
  • J's Racing FRP doors & rear hatch
  • J's Racing Carbon FRP hood
  • J's Racing Carbon canard
  • J's Racing Carbon 3D GT wing
  • C West Front, Side, & Rear body kit
  • Plexus glass (Front, Rear, & Side)
  • Custom paint & decal by J's Racing
  • 1,880 pound without driver