Honda/Acura Integra Type R Special Edition Models

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Honda/Acura Integra Type-R Special Edition Models

Canadian 2001 Championship White Model

In the Canadian market in 2001, there were only 250 Acura Integra Type-R's available with the color scheme of Championship White paint and red seats with red stitching.

From the outside, the only special feature of this model is the Championship White paint. Championship White wasn't available anywhere else in North America in 2001.

CDM DC2 2001 championship white integra type-r

Canadian '01 Championship White ITR Back End

On the inside, the special features include the red front and back seats with red stitching. These particular seats weren't available in any other market in the world.

Canadian '01 red front seats

Canadian 2001 red back seats

Canadian '01 Championship White red interior

Australian Limited Edition and Sunlight Yellow DC2 ITR Models

There were Sunlight Yellow (Phoenix Yellow) ITR's available in Australia from 1999-2001 DC2 model years that had a special yellow interior color scheme. There were also a small number of "Limited Edition" ITR's available from August 2000 through December 2000. The Limited Edition Integra Type-R's differences included dealership installed Air Conditioning, racing-style alloy pedals, accessory floor mats, and rear window film. These items were available at any Honda dealership, but they were installed at no extra cost during this 4-month time period to make the Limited Edition. Limited edition ITR's were not limited to yellow paint. It is used purely as example due to the unique interior color scheme.

From the outside, the paint looks just like other ITR colors. Gold brake calipers are also unique to the Australian market.

Australian integra type-r yellow paint yellow interior

Australian Integra Type-R DC2 gold calipers

On the inside of the yellow schemed ITR's, the special features include the yellow front recaro's and yellow stitched black back seats, and yellow stitched steering wheel. The Limited Edition also sported the air conditioning, alloy pedals, and Type-R floor mats as standard equipment.

Australian Integra Type-R Floor Mats

AUDM yellow stitching DC2 ITR steering wheel

Australian ITR Yellow Recaros and yellow stitched rear black seats

Swiss Phoenix Yellow Honda Integra Type-R Model

There were Phoenix Yellow ITR's available in Switzerland that had a special yellow interior color scheme. These were the only yellow Integra Type-R's available in all of Europe.

From the outside, the phoenix yellow paint looks just like other ITR market's phoenix yellow paint.

Switzerland ITR Phoneix Yellow color code doorjam

Swiss integra type-r phoenix yellow front end

Switzerland ITR Phoneix Yellow back end

Switzerland ITR in Phoneix Yellow with yellow recaro's

Swiss ITR in Phoneix Yellow with yellow recaro's

On the inside of the Swiss phoenix yellow schemed ITR's, featured yellow front recaro's and yellow stitched black back seats.

EDM yellow recaro racing seats

Swiss phoenix yellow ITR interior

Swiss Yellow interior seats

Japanese Honda Integra Type-Rx Model

For the final DC2 model year in Japan (2000), the Integra Type-Rx was available. Sales began December 1999. These are sometimes referred to as 99-SpecR or 2000-SpecR. It was a standard 98-Spec Integra Type-R with factory installed accessories that were only options in previous models. The specially included features included: alloy racing pedals (covers), blue tinted faux carbon interior trim, power folding mirrors, amber dash clock, keyless entry, power antenna, Gathers Cd player, 6 speaker system, and numbered interior badge. The 2000 (including Type-RX) was the only JDM ITR with an individually numbered center console badge.

From the outside and under the hood, the Honda Integra Type-Rx is really no different from the normal 98-SpecR. The only exception is the rear glass being tinted from the factory.

JDM Integra Type-Rx exterior

JDM ITRx engine compartment

On the inside of the JDM DC2 Integra Type-Rx you can find all of the remaining features. Below you can see photos of the faux blue interior trim, the dash including the gathers cd player and alloy pedals. The Sunlight/Phoneix yellow ITR's (offered July 1999 in the 99/2000 SpecR through end of production (including Type-RX) featured special yellow recaros, rear yellow stitched seats, and yellow stitched shift boot.

EDM yellow recaro racing seats

JDM Integra Type-Rx faux blue interior trim

Japanese Yellow interior Recaro front seats

JDM Integra type-r Yellow stitched shift boot

Japan ITR yellow stitched black back seats

JDM ITRx interior serial badge