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This section is the information that will go on your registry entry.

Badge #: Examples
You can register without a badge number, for example, if you have a JDM ITR or are missing your badge.


State, Province, or Country: The cars current location.

Original Domestic Market:
Which market did the car originate? This just helps me with webpage placement.


Mileage: Miles or Kilometers (Stock odometer reading).


Title: Clean Salvage

For more info on title branding visit the wikipedia article
Title Brand:

Current Owner? Yes No
If not, please let me know the approximate date of purchase and sale.


This section is for any additional info or requests you may have.

Owners Notes:

PICTURES: The best way to show off your ride! After you submit this form, if you would like share pictures of your car, please email me your photos and include your badge number so I know which car to add them to. Just click on the "Contact Us" link on the menu. I'd like to keep a 10 picture limit to help manage bandwidth usage. You can always email me for changes any time.

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