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Hi, my name is Matt, and I started this registry August 08, 2008. I've definitely learned a lot about the ITR since then, and I continue to every day. It's my goal to get factual data from official Honda sources compiled together with the goal of being a reliable source for the Integra Type-R. I would also like to share some info that I've stumbled upon regarding other Type-R models, and other companies that were significant to the ITR's history such as Mugen, Spoon, etc.

After first seeing the Integra Type-R in person for the first time, I fell in love with it. After seeing the caRs used in the World Challenge by Realtime Racing, I wanted to have one of my very own. I just bought my first Type R in March of 2008 and I've been dreaming about that moment for years and years. I love seeing other ITR's, and talking to other owners. I definitely enjoy driving and talking about my own. These cars are getting harder to come by due to thefts, wrecks, and the whole tuning world. I want to keep a thorough registry running for all Integra Type-R's that we can all appreciate for years to come. I want a good registry too, one that will slap most registries in the face as far as look and feel and user-friendliness. If you look at muscle car registries they are mostly the same. Most cars don't have individually numbered cars (badge numbers) to work with and that makes this even better. We don't have to post our VIN's!

Aside from being just a registry, I hope to help preserve the history of these caRs and be a complete source of accurate information for these wonderful creations. I'm always open for new ideas and input. Thanks for checking this place out!