1998 Acura Integra Type R #98-0346

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Badge #98-0346

Here are some before and after shots of the rebuild in progress...

Stripped front end of 1998 Integra type-r

Stripped back end of 1998 Integra type-r

Stripped interior of 1998 Integra type-r

Stripped front end of 1998 ITR

1998 ITR with pillar bars

Restored Integra Type-R championship white

Nearly complete 1998 ITR restoration

Integra type-r replacement engine

I bought this '98 itr back in '05 as a shell. It was missing a bunch of $h!t and now 5 jobs and 4 houses later it's still with me. It has been my dream for a long time to own this car, so it will be a dedicated track wh0re as i do have a daily and it is garge kept. It's not the most baller itr out there, but it is an itr and i love it...sucks that i have towed it more than i have driven it, but that yet has stopped me. So here are the specs on it right now.

Car has less than 30k on it.

Bottom End
C5 Oem Bottom End/ Mugen Oil Pan

B16a2 head milled .020
2 layer Head Gasket
Omini Man Flat valves
Blox Intake Manifold
Aem ITR Cai
TDM TRI-Y Header
Omni man Test Pipe
Apex'i B Pipe
J's Racing Circuit Oval Exhaust
S2S2 tuner Cam's
Toda Cam Gears
Crower valvetrain

Fuel& EMS
RC 370's
Walbro 190LPH
Neptune EMS w/ Tuner view... I have one of the 1st ones made.

Act clutch & pressure plate
ITR flywheel

Suspension & Rollers
Tien Flex's
J's Racing Rear Strut Bar
J's Racing C Pillar Bar
Custom harness bar...thats pretty much a B pillar Bar...
Weds (15x7 +31) Tc-05's wrapped in Dunlop Star Spec's
4x114 Brake Set up w/ Oem Pads for now...
GoodRidge Front stainless steel Brake lines
Front Omni Man Adjutable Camber kit
ABS had been Deleted

Koyo Radiator
Blue Samco Hoses
Mugen Radiator Cap

Stock DC2 Seats (R)
ITR door panels with mad red jdm suede
C's shifter extender
GSR Cluster(R)
Skunk2 Weighted Shift Knob
5zigen Pro 350mm N1 yellow stiched steering wheel

JDM front With Chrome Housings...En Route... getting OEM Hids very soon
J's Racing Verno Banner
Full Wire Tuck
Brake line Tuck in the works
97 Oem Rear Bumper (I like the way it flares out)
Knock off Spoon Mirrors... will be replaced wit some Ganadors