1998 Acura Integra Type R #98-1040

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Badge #98-1040

Molested, complete restoration underway.

The CaR is currently a rolling shell. Over I am about to begin purchasing parts to get the caR turn key, replace the exterior parts, clean up the bay, clean the interior, and finally have a full repaint of the caR. It is going to be a fun process. I have paid for the car in cash and I debating on taking out a loan to get the major items: swap, seats, front end to speed up the process. Look for a full rebuild thread on ITRCA and team-integra.net. It will not be on honda-tech.com for safety reasons.

Purchased as shell, rebuilt from the ground up. First drive was on 7/26/09. Clean title, mileage is currently 121,553.