1998 Acura Integra Type R #98-0914

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Badge #98-0914

Turbo charged Acura Integra Type-R

1998 Acura integra type-r with front-mount intercooler

I'm the second owner of this Integra. It was purchased in March of 2010. When I bought the car it had a built motor, and was running a turbo setup with an FMU and missing link. The car was idling erratically, and running poorly.

Mods when purchased:
JDM Type R Front end conversion
Original USDM B18c5, bored to 81.5 mm
Golden Eagle Block Guard
JE 9:1 pistons
Eagle Connecting Rods
ARP Headstuds
unknown aftermarket springs and retainers
Turbonetics Drag III turbo kit
Turbonetics T3T4B turbo
HKS Blow off valve
3" exhaust and Vibrant muffler

After removing the FMU and missing link, changing the injectors,replacing the head gasket, and retuning the car, it made 348 whp at 11 1bs on a Mustang Dynanometer.

The Integra is not my daily driver, so even though its been the better part of a year I've put less miles on this car than you would typically go between oil changes. Unfortunately I started losing compression and had a few issues with the old turbo.

I'm currently rebuilding the motor.

New setup:
original block honed and bored to 82 mm
Eagle Blockguard
Wiseco 9.7:1 pistons
Eagle Connecting Rods
Golden Eagle Head Gasket
Precision 780cc low impedance Injectors
Garrett T3/T4 E turbo
Apexi 3" Exhaust and Muffler
Possible Turbo kit upgrade

I should have my car put back together by the end of December. Stay TUNED for more to come