1998 Acura Integra Type R #98-0763

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Badge #98-0763

1998 Championship White USDM ITR on trailer

1998 Championship White USDM Acura Integra Type-R with rims

Bought from Pennsylvania on New Years Eve of 2010 with CTR pistons, Skunk2 cams, Rota wheels, and 67k miles. It was totally street worthy, but in need of a little TLC to reach the standards of a rare well-maintained 1998 Integra Type R. Jonathan Baker of 32 Racing spent a couple weeks getting it back to form starting with converting it to run on Hondata S300, at which time the car became a dream come true, making 206 whp and becoming a reliable but fun daily driver. Later rebuilt using all original OEM cores to make 250 whp and used as a fast but reliable daily driver. Car has been garage kept since at least 2008 when the previous owner bought it. He claims it was owned by an elderly gentleman who bought it new and rarely drove it, just keeping it in his garage to take out on nice days.

The car just ticked over 110k miles, and has had almost no issues as long as I've had it. It is a true testament to the reliability and performance of this rare breed of cars Honda has deemed worthy of the Type R badge in that era.