2001 Acura Integra Type R #01-0332

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Badge #01-0332

Phoenix Yellow Acura Integra Type-R

PY Acura ITR Gen II Mugen Spoiler

Modified engine bay integra type-R

Mugen Generation 2 wing on Yellow ITR

I got the car in October 2008... It was located about 40 miles outside of Atlanta and took almost 13 hours to get there because of road construction in every single state on the way down there...
I left Friday right after work and went to pick up my girlfriend that lives down at IU. We drove until we got into Georgia and stopped at a jenk ass Motel 6 and slept for four hours, then continued our drive to Atlanta. After test driving and inspecting the car for 2 hours, purchased the vehicle and drove to a local Burger King to eat breakfast and tape the car up for the trip home. We drove about half way back and decided to stay in downtown Nashville for the rest of the weekend.