1997 Acura Integra Type R #00182

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Badge #00182

I know the owner after me totaled the car in North/South Carolina. I was the 3rd owner. I bought the car in Las Vegas in the Fall of 03 (56k miles), traded the car in at Honda West in Indianapolis, In (72k miles). They sold to a guy that lives/lived in one of the Carolina's.

The car originally was sold at an Acura dealership in Louisville, KY and shipped to the original owner in Reno, NV. It had the A/C option. The 2nd owner (Las Vegas, NV) put the Mugen Twin-Loop Exhaust & Koni Yellows. I put the Mugen Rear upper strut bar on & JDM shift boot on it. No other mods that I know of. I traded it in at a Honda dealer, they sold it to a guy that lived in Carolina, and he totaled it street racing a d@mn civic!