2000 Acura Integra Type R #00-1382

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Badge #00-1382

2000 Acura Integra Type-r Flamenco Black Pearl

2000 Integra Type-r with roll-cage and sparcos

00 FBP ITR profile

00 ITR and lancer

Flamenco Black Pearl Integra Type-r

2000 Integra Type-r Race car

The car was ordered and purchased new by me at Suburban Acura in Novi MI. I owned it for 5 years and sold it in Feb. 2005 to a guy also in MI who had just wrecked his PY ITR. The car was very modified, Roll bar, No A/C, No P/S, No Airbags, No rear seat belts, No rear speakers, No ITR wing, No ITR stickers, No ITR Red Emblems and it did not have the original motor, suspension, wheels, brakes...ETC.

The car was used as a development chassis at Payn Technologies for the MR Gasket BEAST motor (which failed) and was sold with a B18C5 long block purchased from the dealership to replace the 2.0L Talldeck Stroker motor that was in it last (it had 5 different motors total)......Picture a street legal road race car with interior plastic hiding everything that was removed.

The second owner had it for less than a year and then tried to put the car back to stock. He traded it in for an S2000 at a dealer on the East Coast. (I believe New Jersey)

The third owner contacted me to ask me some questions about the engine and car. I explained I knew nothing about the current set-up at that time and I have not heard anything since.