1997 Acura Integra Type R #00126

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Badge #00126

1997 Integra Type-R Comptech with JDM front end.

1997 Integra Type-R Comptech profile.
Just looking to see where my baby ended up. I miss her! I was the original owner, had a down payment on it for almost a year, even before they showed at the LA auto show, and then picked it up when it came in August of 1997. My buddy Rich had one as well and he still keeps our old website alive (http:\\www.donkeymotorsports.com). I've been thinking about tracking it down to see if the current owner is interested in selling it back to me. I never wanted to see it go in the first place, but at the time it had become too high strung (freshly built Endyn 2.0L) and I needed something I could commute with.