1997 Acura Integra Type R #00007

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Badge #00007

A truly sad story this is. I think back to the day I took delivery of my ITR#00007. I saw the car in one of the auto mags being tested and fell in love with the ITR. At the time of the article they were talking about how Honda had decided to import just 250 of them in 1997. That was it, I would do anything for one.

Low and behold, one day I was driving through the old neighborhood and saw one parked in a driveway of a guy I went to Elementary school with. I pulled in the driveway of this guys house I had not talked to for 10yrs. I did not even know if he still lived at the residence. I got out, knocked on the door and who answered the door, but my old friend.

We talked, caught up, and out of nowhere he informs me that when he went Acura for service or something, he saw another ITR on the showroom floor. After taking a ride in his ITR, and wishing him well, I was at the dealer in minutes.

I met with salesman and said do anything we can to get this done. At one point I remember laying on the floor of the dealer looking up at the underside of the ITR. Checking the whole car out. I just stared at the wheels and remember thinking to myself, why Potenza RE010 tires?. This car was special.

After some time we worked out the lease for the vehicle.(stupid money for me back then). Two days later, with sweaty anticipation, there it was as I pulled into the dealer lot. Parked in front of the building Championship White!!!!. What a none color and I fell in love. Of course the salesman wanted to go out with me for a delivery test drive. Well, I can only say he was happy to pull back into the dealer. I knew it was a good ride when I heard the stones coming off the sticky RE010's rattling around in the fender wells.

Sooo much fun for the time I had it. Many stories go along with the car. Now comes the bad part. No, I never wrecked the car and never dinged the car, amazingly. I say it is a testament to the drivability and sure footedness of the vehicle. A purest car for sure. loud screaming revs all while pulling to 9000rpm.

Four years flew by. My lease was up and my life was changing. I was becoming a victim of my environment. I lived in Northeast Ohio, you know where the weather could change five times in five minutes. During the winter I had to have a beater to drive. The winter beater was dying, I got married, my needs for a car to drive all year round in the great white North was becoming paramount by the day.

So, in absolute insanity, I GAVE IT UP!!!. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. Due to stupidity and embarrassment I will not tell what I got for a year round car.

I stumbled across this webpage and found some pictures of 1997 ITR's. I have never wanted a car back so bad. Two kids, a beautiful wife, and 16years, I still yearn for the sound of that ripping VTEC motor, with the loud click of the cam lobes kicking into high rev FUN.

I was sitting here talking with my wife about some cars we have had and I always end up at the same car. So for some dumb reason I checked the internet tonight just to make sure she was gone forever. THERE SHE was, my #00007 ITR. AHHHH LOVE again. I now live in Florida and for some reason the car has followed me. To whomever the owner is, thank you for the pics on this site. I have a set of photos for the car as well.