1998 UKDM Honda Integra Type R #01509

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Badge #01509

Championship White UKDM Integra Type-R

OEM UKDM Integra Type-R

OEM UKDM Integra Type-R profile

Standard UKDM Integra Type-R

UKDM Integra Type-R in South Africa

The DC2 Integra Type-R was never sold in South Africa, however, back in 1998 Mercedes Benz was the holding company for Honda in South Africa and they brought in one Integra Type-R from the UK. Tests were done on/with the car and it was decided not to sell these cars in South Africa because of the poor petrol quality. Mercedes Benz did not send the car back to the UK, so it stayed in South Africa. In 2008 I was fortunate enough to get my hands on this one and only UKDM ITR and still driving it today.