1996 JDM Honda Integra Type R

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1996 JDM Honda Integra Type R

JDM 1996 Integra Type R race car front end

1996 Integra Type-R racecar interior

1996 Integra Type R Bride seat Takata harness

JDM 1996 ITR carbon fiber door pannel

JDM 1996 Honda Integra Type R racecar

1996 Integra Type-R NA with carbon fiber hood

1996 championship white JDM ITR at race track

96' Integra Type R track car

Timeattack champion car of 2006 and 2007, one of the most modified race spec DC2 in UK, been on Japanese performance in 2007 Oct and 2008 July. Currently running in All Nippon Championship in UK.

2006/2007 Time Attack NA Class Champion


Head -
Jun Spec 4 cams (only 1 in Europe)
Jun Valve springs, Type 2 Titanium retainer
Jun Cam pulley
Port polish, matching, 3 angle valve
Jun Bronze Valve Guide
Blox 70mm Throttle body with port matching intake manifold
Cometic 85mm 0.040 Head gasket
ARP head studs
Toda Cam belt

Block -
Benson block with Darton Sleeve to 85mm
CP 13.4-1 Compression forged piston
Jun Rods
ACL Bearing
Z10 5 main girdle
Lighten crank, knife edge

Gearbox -
98 spec JDM gearbox
ATS 4.9 Final drive
Kaaz 1.5 way clutch diff
EK4 4th and 5th gear
Exedy racing clutch 3 spoke
Carbon driveshaft

Suspension -
Ohlins front and rear custom built by Ohlins Japan.

Brake -
Dixcel FCR Carbon front disk
R01 Carbon race pad
Dixcel Rear slot disk
Type Z carbon pad
Castrol SRF racing oil
HEL brake line

Apexi power fc

Interior -
Bride Zeta 3 bucket seat
Takata 4 points harness
OMP suede steering wheel
Sparco quick release hubs
Cusco roll cage

Type - A048R
Wheel - Rota slipstream

Sponsors -
Dixon Motorsports - www.dixoncheng.com
camskill www.camskill.co.uk
Opie oil - www.opieoils.co.uk
Dixcel brake - www.dixcelbrake.co.uk

Car designed and built by Dixon Motorsports - www.dixoncheng.com

The Car have 0 mileage as we use brand new engine every race, maximum we have got is 1000 miles.