1998 Honda Integra Type R #02504

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Badge #02504

European ITR Milano Red with White rims

EDM Integra Type R milano red back left corner

European Integra Type-R Milano Red front left

EDM Integra Type-R sports car milano red

EDM Integra Type-R from behind

EDM Integra Type-R back right closeup

My upgrades are at the moment:
Dixcel Brakes FCR slotted front discs
Dixcel Brakes SD slotted rear discs
Dixcel Brakes Type Z pads front and rear
ATE Superblue Brakefluid
Gator carbon racing axels
Spoon High Flow airfilter
NGK Plugwires
Apexi NEO VAFC(Not in use at the moment, just for future upgrades)
Vision low seatrails
Mugen motormounts
Mugen shifterbushings
Mugen Pedals
Noname carbon pluggcover

I also have a Exedy Stage 1 clutch that is going in the car soon......