1998 Honda Integra Type R #01649

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Badge #01649

1998 EDM ITR in the Netherlands

Championship white 1998 European ITR

1998 EDM Integra type-R

1998 EDM ITR with hood popped

B18C6 Engine compartment

Standard 1998 EDM ITR Wheels

1998 EDM Integra TypeR Driving

1998 EDM ITR following an NSX

1998 EDM Integra Type-R Rear window sticker

1998 EDM Integra Type-R Interior

Spoon Fly Wheel
Exedy Clutch
Honda Modulo Optional Side Skirts
Honda Modulo Optional Rear Moldings
Type-R Rear Window Film (and one in stock)
Tein S-Tech Lowering Springs (3cm)
Fog Light Removed
16" JDM Rims
JDM Folding Mirrors (LHD)