1998 Honda Integra Type R #00514

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Badge #00514

98' ITR at dusk in Greece

1998 EDM Integra type-r

EDM Integra type-r with JDM front end

EDM ITR with some JDM interior pieces

Inside of a 1998 EDM Integra typeR

JDM front end with lights on

1998 EDM integra type-r engine compartment

Championship white EDM ITR

EDM Integra type-r with Greek flag

- Front JDM swap
- Xenon HID headlamps
- S2000 Aerial
- 16" JDM ITR Rims with Federal 205/50 Tyres
- Jazz Spray Sprinklers

- JDM Steering wheel (with A/B)
- JDM ITR Pedals
- Refurbished DC2 seats

- AEM Cold Air Intake
- Modified DC2 Intake Manifold
- Jasma 4-2-1 Exhaust Manifold
- Full Body Exhaust (no cat)
- F1 Clutch S6 / Fidanza Flywheel

- P06 ECU moded to P28 with on board alternate chipset. Vtev engage @ 4.800rpm - Rev. Limiter 9.000rpm.

- Ohlins C Type Coilovers