1998 Honda Integra Type R #00432

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Badge #00432

1998 EDM ITR cows and pasture

EDM Integra Type-R next to a barn jdm front end

1998 championship white EDM Integra Type-R at the lake

German Integra Type-R reflection picture

Germany EDM Integra Type-R Scenic picure

EDM Integra Type-R mountain views

1998 EDM Integra Type-R

98 Spec EDM Integra TypeR

EDM Integra Type R Interior

Championship White EDM Integra Type-R

EDM Integra Type-R equipped with ROTA GT3 16x7's


EDM Integra Type-R Front end

EDM Integra Type-R front corner

EDM Championship White ITR

EDM Integra Type-R rear end

2001 Canadian Integra Type-R Red back seats


KW V2 Susp.
Rota GT3 16x7 +40
205 45 R16 Hankook Ventus RS-2
K&N Replacement Filter + Airboxmod (by ITR3124)
OEM USDM tail lights + side marker lights option
OEM USDM 98-01 rear bumper
OEM USDM mid arm rest
OEM JDM rear trunk bar
OEM JDM Front Conversion 96spec, flat amber OEM JDM turning lights
Stockinterior Red Carpet
CDM red rear seats
optional Tweeter Sound System in Front Doors + Canton Speaker
Pioneer Headunit CD/MP3
Stock engine, header, cat, exhaust/catback, brakes and weight.

Acceleration videos:

50-140 kph in 3rd gear:

50-120 kph in 3rd gear:

120-255 kph in 4th+5th gear: