1998 Honda Integra Type R #00236

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Badge #00236

Championship White Belgian ITR at the track

EDM Integra Type-R at the track

Championship white Integra TypeR at the race track

1998 Belgian Integra Type-R back end

EDM ITR Front End

Championship White Honda Integra Type-R

EDM ITR Engine compartment

EDM B18C6 engine bay

Engine Mods:
-DC-sports 4-1 jdm
-cat-back invidia/spoon
-Mugen airbox
-Toda flywheel 4.1kg ipv 6.9
-cluthmasters Fx300 clutch
-Skunk2 stage 2 cams
-Skunk2 cam pulleys
-Skunk2 valvesprings
-Skunk2 retainers
-greddy timingbelt
-RC 370cc injectors
-hondata s300 (tuned by CPLracing UK)