2000 Honda Integra Type R #06065

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Badge #06065

Yellow EDM Integra Type-R

Swiss Honda Yellow Integra Type-R

Scenic PY Swiss EDM ITR

Swiss EDM Sunlight yellow Integra Type-R

Modified Swiss Yellow Integra Typer

Mugen Sideskirts Yellow ITR

B18C6 Integra Type-R Engine

Yellow ITR Rear spoiler

Phoenix Yellow EDM Integra Type-R

Yellow EDM Integra Type-R with Yellow Recaros

EDM Integra Type-R Interior

Sunlight Yellow EDM INtegra type-r back end

Yellow Integra Type-R at sunset

OEM Honda Integra Type-R Strut tower bar

SY Swiss EDM Honda Integra Type-R black wheels

All clean and nearly new.


Alpine Double DIN IVA-W205R
ETON 6.5" RS161 front and rear speakers

D2 full ajustable coilover kit
Honda ITR 98spec wheels in flat black
BFG Gripforce 205/45/16

Mugen CF Airbox
FOX SS catback system

Tegiwa CF plug cover